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Corey Honore is owner and founder of Elite Fitness LLC. located in Roselle, IL Corey has been involved in the sports and fitness industry as a  personal health and fitness expert for 20 years.  Corey's training experience includes sports performance training, physique coaching, youth and elderly training, fat-loss reduction, nutritional coaching, mixed martial arts(MMA) conditioning and life coaching.  Corey has obtained professional ranking in bodybuilding, competed in track & field, triathlons, crossfit, marathons and boxing.  Corey was inducted into the Lake Forest football college hall of fame in 2014. Corey has done numerous public speaking events on the importance of healthy eating and exercise. He is   featured in books, fitness magazines and catalogs either as a model or sharing his knowledge and experience on health and fitness. Corey believes life has a gravitational pull on your emotional conviction to do the right thing for your health and the only way to combat this is to be conscious of the fact that everything is health.

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